The Break Free Xperience is for anyone looking to step into their most magnetic, highest self. To become aware of beliefs, programming, habits, behaviors and release what no longer services them. Manifesting freedom, love, peace, confidence, wealth and life they desire.

What’s Included:
- Access to all 23 neuro-linguistic reprogramming modules, the Xperience method by Rachel Pastor
- The Meditation Xperience with over 50+ Soulful Living and R3 Method (Rewire, Rewire, Reprogram) Meditations with more added monthly
- The Xperience Method App Community

Break Free Xperience

$130-$175 a month/yearly options available

NLP: Understanding Neuro linguistic programming 
R3: Learn how this Meditation Method creates new neuro pathways during the Rewriting, Rewiring, Reprogramming process and connects you deeply with the spiritual being you are
Morning Routine: Create the routine of a billionaire 
Promise Stacking: Program and finally have solid habits
Inner Child: Heal your inner child to step into freedom, peace and authenticity 
Dreams and Goals: Get clear on the Dreams and Goals of your Highest Self 
Identity: Meet and live as the Identity of your most magnetic self 
Goals timeline: Anchor your goals into your subconscious mind 
Friendship & Accountability: Creating your powerhouse crew
Beliefs: Reprogram your limiting beliefs and start creating from your empowering beliefs with our Beliefs Process
Create Your Xperience: Create your highest self manifesto 
Creating Your Highest Self Why: Learn the true why of your highest self 
Highest Values: Know your true authentic values (these may not be what you think ;-) 
Aligning Values and Goals: Get in alignment by aligning goals and values
Shadow: Heal the rejected aspects of self to find freedom, peace & confidence
Transformation Reprogramming: Program highest self into your subconscious mind
Anchor: Anchor in any emotion you want to feel at anytime
Hinging Points: Keep your life running smoothy by knowing your unique hinging points and making them sacred
Triggers: Start responding from a place of peace by being aware & reprogramming triggers 
Integration Highest Self Body: Love and accept your body
Submodalities: Shifting habits and behaviors in your brain 
Subconscious Xperience: Create a place of safety and peace in your subconscious mind
Forgives: Forgive and set yourself free

Break Free Xperience Modules 

Not ready to go all in on coaching, or you just want to take a deep dive on a certain topic? Rachel’s monthly Xperience Masterclasses give you the opportunity to learn in-depth about different aspects of The Xperience Method. Masterclasses occur monthly for $99 each. Make sure to jump on Rachel’s email and text list or follow her on social to stay updated on when these masterclasses are and what the topic will be.

Monthly Masterclass

The Xperience Method App

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Xperience Community is a free section of the Xperience Method app that anyone can access to ask questions and chat with other community members. This is a great place to swap recipes, share what’s working and not working, and engage with other people who are also on their path to transformation.

free meditation  —  free meditation  —  free meditation

When we aren’t accomplishing what we dream of, there are often mindsets and habits we maintain that are blocking us from being our best selves. Transformation Meditation is a daily practice and a staple of The Xperience Method using Neuro-linguistic programming. Below, you’ll find a meditation I created to help people transform from the person they no longer want to be to their highest self. Get yours today!

Do you ever feel the disconnect between who you are currently and who you know you could be?

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